Animation and Motion Graphics

With over 10 years experience, Mustard have been creating beautifully crafted and bespoke animation and motion graphics for a wide variety of high profile clients.

We specialise in getting to the heart of your message or story, and through the use of powerful and emotive animation, we produce content that is visually striking and incredibly shareable.

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Our Animation Studio Process

Knowledge of Video Production


Every great piece of animation starts with an idea.

Here at Mustard, we’re experts in generating ideas and have a passion for creative storytelling, so no matter what the content, we’ll find the right way to advertise it.

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If your animation involves a specific character or location that needs creating, our talented concept artists are able to design from scratch all of these assets.

We present these ideas to the client and over time refine them to make sure each asset is perfectly on message and to the clients specifications.

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Once we have a solid concept, the next step is to produce visual storyboards.

Using a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, we will represent the shots we have planned and show the client an idea of where the concept is heading.

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Once the storyboards have been approved, we’ll move onto to creating animatics.

An animatic is essentially a rough draft of the animation, consisting of simple animated storyboarded panels.

We add a temporary musical score and a voiceover if needed, allowing us to show you a draft of what the final film will eventually look like.

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Working from storyboards and animatics, our talents animations will begin to take this project from idea to reality.

Working in collaboration with the client, we take on board all feedback and comments and refine them in each revision.

Previous Animation Work

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KINGS EDUCATION  Pathways Animation

University of Brighton  Making a difference

SOLARVISION  Exhibition Screen Animation

YMME  Promotional Video

PURE 360  Drag and Drop Editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mustard have the expertise, creativity and technical knowhow to create an animation you and your business will be proud to show to potential customers. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to create an immersive animation experience and have built our reputation on creating animations for large blue chip companies.

We specialise in getting to the heart of your message or story, and through the use of powerful and emotive animation, we produce content that is visually striking and incredibly shareable.

We have access to a large online library of over 2000 professionally produced royalty free instrumental and vocal music tracks spanning a vast range of genres and moods, ensuring that whatever the content, we can find the right music track to elevate it.

Licensed music can also be used but will need to be cleared unless it is your own original music.

If you already have graphics and other assets created, we can implement and adapt them to fit the current project without a problem.

Our prices start from £3,500 (+VAT) for a simple animation.

Most of our animation projects are bespoke and are priced individually based on complexity and the clients needs.

We’d love to discuss your ideas in more detail, so please get in touch!

“I worked with Mustard on a number of event highlight films for Currys PC World, Footlocker and Virgin Holidays.

They have a great understanding of the brands we work with. Mustard were excited to contribute creative ideas which we ended up using in the online video campaigns.

We have already got more dates in their diary for a number of upcoming blue chip event films.”

Sam Brookes
Digital Associate Director @ M&CSAATCHI PR

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