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Thank You for booking a strategy session

↓ Watch the video below and I’ll explain what you can expect in our video call ↓

Here is what you can expect from our video call…

  1. ​ Make sure you have our zoom call time booked in your calendar, we’ll be on the Zoom call at the EXACT time you booked us in for…
  2. Be in a comfortable, quiet, place so we can give this our full attention
  3. Make sure you have the link to our zoom call in the email we sent you just now
  4.  You don’t need to be on camera, it’s just so you can see my screen

Look forward to speaking soon

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Animated Video Cost Calculator

Select your preferred animation type
If you require a voice artist for your video project, please select this option.
We are bursting with ideas, so if you don’t have one of your own, please select this option.
If you would like us to allocate our scriptwriter to your project, please select this option.
It is not essential to storyboard every video project, however if you would like to include this process, please select this option.
For a little bit extra, add some music to your video. Music can steer emotion and further engage an audience.
Not essential, however sound effects will enhance your video. Especially effective with animated videos.
If you would like us to add switchable subtitles to your video, please select this option.
Add a stylistic animated logo at the beginning of your video – it costs less than you would expect!
Use the slider to select the length of your animated video in seconds