Archive: April 11, 2013

Canon Cinema Primes vs. Canon L Series

As film makers your glass is the most important thing in your arsenal.
Depending on our clients wishes we tend to use our Canon L series lenses but when the project is right we will get hold of some Zeiss Prime lenses (sharper than Canon Cinema lenses but also 5 times the price)

After playing with the C-Lenses at the recent BVE in London and actually getting to shoot with them on a recent shoot we are seriously considering the Canon Cinema lenses and maybe a new Canon C300 to go with our C100 kit.

Here is a great video on the difference in quality when it comes to the Canon C lenses.. might make your mind up.

How a Content Audit Produces Video Marketing Ideas

One of the challenges in video marketing is publishing regular, high-quality content for your ideal customer.

One of the ways to generate video-marketing ideas is to complete a content audit.

What is a content audit?

A content audit is where you go through your business to look for content that might be interesting to potential customers. From sales literature to internal ideas and communication it can be a quick win for generating fast ideas.

So, where do you start?

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How Simple Fun Makes a Fascinating Corporate Video

If you’re looking for corporate video production to use in your marketing, it’s worth considering how you want to engage new customers with your brand.

Some companies make mistakes in corporate videos by not focusing on a subject that is fascinating to the viewer, but also by not showcasing the brand and the service.

One of the ways we’ve explored how to avoid this is with a behind-the-scenes company video or corporate documentary which shows your employees or even CEO during their day to day work.

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What Makes Corporate Videos Go Viral

cokementosCreating a professional corporate video with a video production company is a good move if you want to increase sales, customer engagement and brand recognition.

But having a professionally produced video is just one part of the puzzle in creating a viral corporate video. So what are the key lessons you can learn from businesses that have cracked this magic formula?

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Should Your Company Have its Own Branded TV Channel?

debTVWith more businesses using video marketing to increase sales, improve customer loyalty and retention its no surprise that larger brands have gone all out and created their own branded TV channels.

Marks and Spencer and Debenhams are 2 main UK retailers offering a dedicated TV channel for their customers. It’s a smart move because:

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