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Who should write my video voice-over script?

If you’re thinking about working with a video production company on a corporate or promotional video, you may be wondering who would be the best person to write the video voice-over script? Should you write it yourself, or should you get the video production company to write it for you?

Do you need a video voice-over script at all?

Before you decide on who’s going to write your video voice-over script though, you might want to consider whether a formal script is the best approach for you. If you’re telling a story then a scripted video works well, but what about a promotional video? Often an overly-scripted video can sound false or forced.

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How We Cost Our Services

As a video producer you always know it’s going to be one of the first questions from a client: How much will you charge for making me a video? when thinking of cost effective and video production Brighton, why not contact flycreative for more information.

The honest answer is I can’t tell you. At least not until we’re agreed on what you want to achieve. What I can tell you is how we cost our video production service: using a straightforward per person per day calculation.

We have fixed day rates for our cameramen, editors, animators and shooting assistants. (Our team are all experienced and living in London or Brighton isn’t cheap, so everyone has a day rate upwards of £300/day.)

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