How to Use Your Corporate Video for Lead Capture on Landing Pages

Video is an excellent form of lead capture for your website either through driving people to your site or using it on the actual lead capture landing pages.

A landing page is a specific page designed on your site to encourage prospects to get in touch about your service.

It might be that you want your customers to download a brochure, or make an appoitnment, or leave their details for a sales rep to call.

Landing pages are typically designed to focus the visitor’s attention on completing the call-to-action. Usually the navigation bar is missing and the only choices are to either close the page, or leave their details.

Video can be very powerful on landing pages, because rather than relying on a visitor to actively read the sales copy, you can convey a message much faster through video. Additionally, video lets you show of you products or services which puts people into the mindset as if they actually own them.

Video marketing, in this sense, should be shot where the benefits are heavily conveyed. Video can be used for lead capturing by putting people into an emotional mindset which they will be more likely to buy.

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