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Brighton Festival Opening Film

Brighton Festival is the largest arts festival in England and one of the major milestones in international cultural calendar.
We were shortlisted from over 20 companies to produce a launch film to be shown to the worlds media, at the press launch and at the opening night at Brighton Dome.

The film was also streamed to over 5,000 viewers on the website as part of the festivals opening night.

We worked with Chris Challis the Press Officer for Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival 2012 to produce a eye catching video brochure of everything to look forward to in the Festival in May.

A Bit about Premiere
This was the first corporate job we have used solely Adobe Premiere on and have to say we were very impressed with the new (Freddie) Mercury playback engine.. Everything ran on the fly whether it was low quality AVI formats to High quality R3D files they handles them like a dream. Another part of the video that would have taken a lifetime to edit using Final Cut 7 and After Effects was the lines which divide the footage and move it around the screen, they ran incredibly smoothly with the footage and high quality images.

Finally the Light Leaks that came up in the transitions would also require a render every time you wanted to playback in FC7 but again in Premiere they were a charm to work with.

We have been reluctant in the studio to move over to Premiere as it didn’t seem to be professional enough for what we needed it for, there is still a slow integration between AE and Premiere but I think it is getting better and it was a joy to work with on this project.

Your Message Made Easy Promotional Video

We have been working with Your Message Made Easy for about 5 years now. Initially back in the day of Web design we produced there website and branding when Mark and the guys were just starting out, they now have a new office in Brighton and some new Blue Chip clients for Radio and TV.

We Produced a video show reel to promote the work that YMME do, It was great fun working on this video as we wanted to push more motion graphics onto our clients and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

Since the video was made there has been some excellent feedback from the likes of Orcado and other large supermarkets.. Watch this space to see what develops from this colorful fun and interesting promotion for Your Message Made Easy

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