4 Tips for Increasing Authenticity With Your Video

Here at flycreative we work with London companies and organisations to showcase their products and services in films.

And in our experience as a London video production company, one of the essential ingredients for any corporate video is authenticity.

Authenticity is a word you hear a lot in this new age of marketing. Since consumer trust plummeted, companies had to try harder to prove that their promises would come true.

Fortunately one of the fastest ways to deliver this is through a video that proves you can do what you say. Authentic corporate videos are more likely to go viral than those which are polished, or try and make the viewer believe they are watching something real that is in fact staged.

So here are 4 tips we use when making videos for clients to boost authenticity: 

Use real people

If you can use real employees in your corporate video rather than actors, you break down a wall between your company and the viewer and in doing so, build trust.

Some of the most successful corporate videos are ones that have shown employees doing remarkable things, or CEOs showing real emotions. Want to know who you should use in your own corporate video? Read this article on the 5 employees to use.

Tell your customer’s story

Nothing is a bigger endorsement than a story direct from your customer’s mouth. If you can share a story of a happy customer it will build much more authenticity than someone from your company promising a high level of service.

Showing your customer’s story is also an excellent way of improving customer service. If you can show a story of a potential problem and how it was solved, your company will be seen in a much more favourable light.

Show the product in action

One of the best parts in the viral Blendtec adverts is that it shows the product in action. Video can be used to convey a complex process or function in seconds, making it the perfect medium to tell your customers how you do what it is that you do.

Whether you sell software, or are an engineering company, showing a video of how your product works can build trust and improve your sales process.

Show the action live

If you have an event, conference or training session that you want to use as the subject of a corporate video, consider streaming the event live. This is the ultimate “authentic” version of a corporate video.

Live streaming lets you capture the atmosphere of an event as it happens, pulling your audience into the action. When you’ve got a big moment or launch, offering a live streamed viewing experience increases your reach, brand awareness and authenticity as a company all in one.

For more details about using video to increase your company authenticity, contact flycreative today.