The 5 Employees You Should Use in Your Corporate Video

Quite often we work with clients who want to show a behind-the-scenes corporate video because they know that letting customers see how a product is made, or a service is delivered can increase value perception.

Sometimes the most fascinating video stories are from 'ordinary' processes

Sometimes the most fascinating video stories are from ‘ordinary’ processes

We often get asked to advise how to choose which employees should be in front of the camera in these types of corporate videos, and corporate documentaries, so here are our top tips:

The CEO / Founder

Many companies choose to use their CEO in a corporate video because more consumers today want to associate a person with a brand. In last year’s Edelman Trust Barometer report, it was shown that consumers place more trust in an ‘expert individual’ compared to an organisation.

Customer Service Representatives

Recently we consulted with a client struggling with an area of brand damage relating to customer service. We explained how video can help build a better bond between existing customers by sharing successful customer service stories, and also showing how employees work hard to resolve difficulties.

Another option is to also highlight a customer’s story where a problem has been resolved. By having your customer tell a story of problem-action-solution, you present your company as being transparent, open and authentic.

Sales Representatives

Your sales force is often your front line when representing your company. With video, you can feature a sales executive with a compelling and persuasive message and reach hundreds and thousands of customers in one go.

A video based on a sales rep is a perfect way to explain the benefits of your product and even cover some of the frequently asked questions your customers may have about your product.

Operations Employees

Whether you have a wholesale distribution business or a retail outlet, a story that explains how the product is delivered, from conception to sale can be fascinating to prospective clients, and also to the media.

Quite often, when working with businesses, we find that the processes they take for granted can have a huge impact on customers. A good London video production company 😉 can help you research which stories and people make for a compelling corporate video story.


Okay, they’re not strictly employees, but your business doesn’t exist without your customers. More importantly, customers tend to make much better stories for corporate video production. The intersection between your customer and your product is where the best story lies.

Think about the problem your customer has, how you solve it, and who would be willing to share that story. Mix those people with the cast of characters above and you have the potential for an unforgettable corporate video.

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